Apartment Prices in Cordova Tennessee

My son has been kind of helpless for most of his life, at least in terms of trying to do things that an adult would do. Well, that didn’t make much sense. But anyway, what I meant is that he really struggles with taking on the responsibilities of being an adult, and thus still relies on me for a lot of things. Right now, I have to look online for apartments in Cordova Tennessee as my son needs to find a new place to live.

I almost told him no, and that he needs to be able to find an apartment on his own. Continue reading

Finding the Weather That is Just Right

When I was growing up in New England I had always dreamed of living down south. As much as I loved the change of seasons I hate snow so of course when I was choosing a place to got to college I chose the one furthest south that I could find, in Florida. As it turns out I hate moist, hot weather almost as much as I hate snow so when I got a job offer in Tennessee I took it and went to work looking for an apartment in Cordova TN. I figured being in Tennessee would be the best of both worlds, not as hot and muggy as Florida but also not as cold and frigid as Maine, where I grew up.

I found the most adorable apartment. It had hard wood floors and light blue walls with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. It was basically the perfect apartment for me. I moved in with just a few pieces of furniture and figured I would be able to buy more stuff to fill the space as I went along.

I met one of my neighbors a month after moving there and he had a bunch of furniture he was selling very cheap to make way for the new handmade furniture he had just had custom made in town. Even his old furniture that he was getting rid of was exquisite and thanks to those pieces and some thrifty bargains from yard sales my house looked like something out of a catalog in no time.

I had a few relatives come down to visit and see my first place and they were astonished, not only by how little it had cost to furnish but also by the low price I was paying per month for such a nice place. It’s great to be living in this spot that is the perfect one for me.

Searching for a Family Apartment

When many think about renting an apartment, they tend to think of single people or couples, but renting is appropriate for many families as well. It is a great way to try out an area to see if it is somewhere you want to live permanently. It is also a good option if you are just looking for a low maintenance option of living. Many options for renting apartments exist in the city of Atlanta, but there are also plenty of choices available in the suburbs. Apartments in Stockbridge and neighboring McDonough are especially good options for families with children. Though homes, especially larger stately ones, are often shown as suburban living, there are many apartment complexes as well in these areas.

When you think about renting an apartment for a family with children, one thing that comes to mind is space. Continue reading

Daydreaming About Buying a Mansion

Even though I cannot afford a mansion, that doesn’t stop me from looking at them and daydreaming. There is one site that I really like the most when I get in the mood to look at gorgeous houses that I can only buy if I would win the lottery. Even though the odds are against me on that, it doesn’t cost anything to dream. I love looking at the website that features the best Carmel real estate properties there are. These homes cost millions of dollars, and they have so many impressive features that I can lose myself in so many daydreams when I start looking at them.

The site allows a person to decide the minimum and maximum prices that they want to look at for a house. The search can also be customized to how many bedrooms and bathrooms a home must have. Continue reading

A New Start for the Two of Us

When my wife died, it was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with. It wasn’t any easier on our 14 year old daughter, who missed her mom more than she ever thought possible. We tried staying at our house, but the memories there haunted us. We knew that we needed to find a smaller place for the two of us if we were going to begin to heal. We decided to look at luxury apartments in Lewisville TX since neither of us were interested in having a big yard or more rooms to collect dust.

I wanted my daughter to feel comfortable, so I let her be a major part of finding our new home. She is the one who found Toscana Valley Ridge, and it was amazing to watch her get excited over something for the first time in nearly 18 months, which was how long it’s been since her mother went to Heaven. Continue reading

Apartment Living is a Good Idea for Me

I had been having some trouble with the guy that I was renting a house from. I originally thought that a home rental would be a better idea than an apartment, but I realized too late that I was wrong. Frustrated, I made a quick stop in at the Park at Boulder Creek in Columbia on my way home from work. It is an apartment complex that I had noticed many times while driving home at night, and I figured that it would be a good place to start looking for something better.

The problem I had with the man who owned the house that I was living in is that he often promised things, but often, did not follow through. When the toilet stopped working, I notified him immediately. Continue reading

Dad Likes the Low Monthly Cost This Company Offers

When I learned that I had been accepted to attend college, I immediately looked to see which businesses offer Internet in Bloomington where i will be attending school. I do not make a lot of money, so I needed to find a business that could offer me both television and Internet at a low price that is budget friendly. It is not a must that I have TV service, but I do not like going out much at night, and I knew that I would enjoy spending time watching some relaxing shows after my homework is done at the end of the day.frontier-bundles-offer

Frontier is the company that stood out to me the most. They offer speeds that are incredibly fast thanks to the fiber optic network they have. I can say that I do not know all that much about how that works, but from things I read, it is worthwhile. Service is great and it is getting even better.

It turns out that they do offer you a discount if you get two services, but it was nice to see they even have a discount for three services. Continue reading

I Figured out What to Do for a Living Thanks to Earthquakes

Living in California gave me a life-long appreciation of how buildings need to be made with earthquakes in mind. Of course, any building needs to be structurally sound for a variety of reasons. Any engineer understands that you need to know how to build something that won’t collapse in on itself simply because the building can’t bear its own weight properly or because sub-part materials are used and corners or cut. But I was highly interested in creating things that could withstand a natural disaster like an earthquake. I loved pouring through my structural engineering books to learn every little thing I can toward being good at my job one day.

Despite my love for learning how to build buildings that last, I had never thought in previous years about doing so as an occupation. I simply liked getting online to watch videos about it and sift through the many different articles about the subject. It is a very interesting topic to learn about. Part of that was going through a very large earthquake when I was around 10 years old.

I had been through several much smaller quakes when I was very young. Each of them were a bit scary, but the one that I went through in the 1990s at age 10 really helped me to see that I was lucky to be alive. Most of the apartment building that I lived in with my parents collapsed during the quake. I am not sure why our apartment was not affected. We lived on the second story, and the apartment directly to the left of us was in shambles. I wanted to learn why this was, and school was helping me with that. The average person might answer that it was pure luck that our unit was not affected, but it was more than that. We got lucky because of where we lived in the building and the angle of our particular unit. It’s really fascinating stuff to me.

Saving Energy and Money is Easy

Environmental organisations around the word keep informing citizens to save energy and water where possible, but few actually do: check choosetexaspower.org to learn how much you can save with local Texan energy! The average person would love to help the environment but he or she is a bit unsure on how to do it. People also say they don’t have the energy to do it either. Recycling is a good example of people not having enough energy to do their part to protect the environment. The energy to create about 6 bins for every type of material is too much for some people. Even if they manage 6 bins separating different materials, with labels on the bins for tin, paper, plastic, etc., the process of remembering to recycle only lasts a few months.

The good news is that there are other ways to save energy and help the planet stay a bit greener without using too much energy on your self. Saving energy doesn’t have to involve you going out of your way. Continue reading

We Need a New Cable Model

When you think about how attached Americans are to their cable and their Internet, you would think that the United States would have plenty of cable TV providers. Unfortunately this is far, far from the case which is why the FCC has decided to step in on behalf of the American consumer to hopefully change the status quo. I don’t understand why cable companies have been so resistant to the changes in technology which are shaping our country but it seems like they’ve invested quite a bit of money and influence in order to stall it as much as possible. Continue reading

Applied for an IT Job Today

I had to go down to the Energy Plaza building in down town Dallas today. My boss sent me down there to deliver some package to a guy who works at the Headquarters of TXU Energy. I do not know what was in the package, but it was apparently important and the instruction was that no one else could sign for the thing. At any rate while I was in there some guy came in, he was lost and told the receptionist that he had come to apply for an IT job. She had no clue what he was talking about and it took a bit of a dance around the facts before the two of them realized he was in the wrong office. In fact he was on the wrong floor. Continue reading

Doing My Part to Help the Planet

When I first chose my energy provider when I moved to Texas a few years ago, I really did not know what I was doing. I just selected the one that my neighbor was using, but I have since switched to Reliant Energy in Fort Worth. I found out that the electric company I was using was not all that concerned with the green movement, which is something that is growing dearer to my heart the more I learn about it. Knowing that I had a choice in the company that I choose to use, I decided to do my research.

I really did not know that there were so many different options when it comes to energy providers, so I was really thankful that I had found a website that basically broke down all of my available options. What really helped me choose Reliant over all of the others was because there was a breakdown on their green values, and that put them at the top of my list of choices. Continue reading